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Las Vegas Printing has a diverse variety of speciality options for sticker production. Each custom sticker batch is printed using UV inks long-lasting, high quality prints with faster turnaround times.

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2", 3"


2", 3"


Custom Stickers Las Vegas

Promote your business or product with custom cut vinyl stickers. These vinyl stickers can be used for various unique applications thanks to their durability. Designed exactly according to your specifications, your stickers can be cut to any shape or size and feature whatever artwork you feel is best representative of your company. Custom cut stickers are great for product labels as well as promotional items and handouts for your company or business. We offer two cutting option for your stickers: sheet cut and individually cut stickers. We also offer standard cut stickers or die cut stickers that are cut around the borders of your image. All of our stickers are solvent printed to ensure faster turnaround times and better quality. You can choose to laminate your stickers with ultra high gloss, semi gloss, rough texture, or matte lamination to protect your stickers against scratching. We use both gloss outdoor vinyl and air release vinyl for vehicle applications. All of our custom stickers are protected with a one year warranty. Las Vegas Printing Contact Information

When ordering stickers, you have a few options. Besides the size, shape, etc of your custom cut sticker, you can choose whether you’d like sheet or individual stickers. Both stickers are die cut to whatever shape and size you like, but sheet stickers are best if making labels. Because sheets stickers are all mounted on a continuous sheet of backing, you don’t have to individually peel each label. Individually cut stickers are best for promotional uses. After determining which cut is best for you, you then choose which material you want your sticker printed on.


Gloss outdoor vinyl is our basic sticker vinyl. All of our stickers are made to be waterproof and fade resistant, so this is the material if you are looking for a basic branding label or hand out sticker.
Air release material has a grid of grooves on its adhesive side to eliminate the issue of air bubbles. This material is ultra-adhesive without being permanent, making it perfect for vehicle wraps.
High Tak permanent adhesive is used when you need your sticker to stick as long as possible. Perfect for helmet stickers or product labels.
Rough surface adhesive is specifically designed for bumpy surfaces. If you need to place your sticker on a rough surface check out our Concrete Decals.

Lamination is an extra option you may decide you need. This process protects your image from abrasion, scratches and scuff marks. We offer ultra high gloss, semi-gloss, matte and rough texture (polycarbonate) lamination.


Matte laminate stickers are perfect for outdoor applications because they’re easily readable in bright light.
Glossy stickers are excellent for indoor applications. Though these stickers are UV resistant and waterproof, the reflective nature of the gloss laminate makes this sticker difficult to read in direct sunlight. Ultra high gloss laminate makes your sticker glossy enough to deflect most marks and gives your stickers a dry erase finish.
Polycarbonate laminate is by far the most durable. The thick, textured semi-matte laminate gives the sticker increased protection against abrasion, high heat, and salt water. To get an idea of what “rough texture” feels like, take a look at a faceplate; it’s most likely topped with a polycarbonate sticker.

Custom Cut Sticker Printing

These custom cut decals are great promotional giveaways for your next trade show or corporate event. Laminating your vinyl stickers gives them an added layer of protection against scratching and fading. Each custom cut sticker design is developed with either your custom artwork or artwork generated by one of our professionally trained graphic designers.


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