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Gatorboard is a rigid, lightweight material that produces high quality graphics. Foam core is perfect for a one time use, whereas gatorboard is perfect for long term usage. Gatorboard does not warp, bend, or break and can last years indoors.

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2", 3"


2", 3"


About Die Cut Gatorboard Signs

Our gatorboard printing and cutting services produce photo quality, high resolution graphics used in a variety of applications. Unlike foamcore which bends and warps over time gatorboard has a solid outcore making it perfect for point of purchase displays and long term indoor applications.Call (702) 751-3023 for more information today.


Gatorboard Prints

We provide quality, full color custom gatorboard prints using OEM inks and our Roland printers. Gator board is different than any other form of poster board substrate. Similar to foam core, gator board is significantly stronger and more durable. While foam core may bend and warp over time, gatorboard prints will always stay flat and rigid making it perfect for multiple uses and transportation. Gator board print sizes start at 12” x 12” and go all the way up to 96” x 48” with thickness options of 3/16” or ½” for larger prints. Custom cutting and shapes are available for all gatorboard prints to help create a unique exhibit or trade show display. Your gatorboard print will set you apart from the competition by drawing customer attention to your vibrant and colorful print. Call (702) 751-3023 for more information today.


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